About me

Dr. Asghari specializes in scientific and engineering instrumentation and computation. She has a background in nuclear engineering and extensive experience with experimental design, setup, testing, and analysis. She has over six years’ experience with radiation detection and instrumentation.

Dr. Asghari has investigated radiation detection for basic physics and its applications to nuclear security. She worked at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland developing high-fidelity muon detectors for high energy physics applications. She also worked on development of a novel neutron detector that utilizes water instead of helium-3. By measuring and analyzing the time signature of neutrons in small fissioning samples (such as plutonium), the element and mass were identified. Thus, this new neutron detector and analysis technique can “fingerprint” certain nuclear samples.

Dr. Asghari is an Associate at Exponent, Inc. in Menlo Park, California.

Email me at: Aasghari (@) Exponent (dot) com


PhD, Nuclear Engineering
UC Berkeley, 2016
Emphasis on Radiation Detection and Non-proliferation Policy

BS in Physics with Honors
California State University, Sacramento, June 2012

Selected Awards and Honors

  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Fellowship Recipient; 2013
  • Nuclear Science and Security Consortium (NSSC) Affiliate; 2012 — Current
  • Sigma Pi Sigma Inductee; 2010
  • American Nuclear Society member
  • American Physical Society member